Resources & Tools to Build an eBay Business

resources for running ebay business
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Services That I Use Over-and-Over Again




Resources & tools that you go to again and again to run a successful eBay business are like finding gold in a gold mine.  Here are the resources I use.  Hopefully they will be useful for you as well.

Packing & Shipping Services

The BoxeryNewsprint packing paper
eBay Shipping SuppliesBoxes, Airjacket Envelopes, Polyjacket Envelopes
Walmart – Bubble Wrap & Packing Tape
Digital Scale – Holds packages up to 75 lbs.
Fragile & Do Not Bend Stickers – A must for shipping!


Printing Services

HP Instant Ink ProgramI pay a monthly fee based on how much I print (usually between $5.95 to $7.95 / month) and never have to worry about running out of ink.  It gets delivered to my home before my current ink cartridges run out.
LC Mailers – Printable postage labels – My go-to!



Kindle Fire 16GB


Advertising Services

Vistaprint – Business cards
Walmart – “Thank You” buttermints that I use as a special surprise in packages that I ship out.
WordPress Blog – You are here!
Facebook Business Page – Promotes my eBay store and blog.
Twitter – Also promotes my eBay store and blog.


eBay Store Design & Blog Website Design

My Raggedy DreamseBay store design with banners and logos to use on any website or publication that I use to promote my store.
WordPress.orgBlog website hosted by Blue Host.  I have never had an issue to date with WordPress or Blue Host.  Very affordable.


Inventory Organization

Economy Storage Shelves – I get mine from Walmart and they cost $20 for 4 stackable shelves.
Clear Baggies – Holds things like jewelry and other small items to keep them safe during transport.
Stackable Storage Bins – Just don’t pile them so high you cannot reach the top bin!!
Inventory Sheets – Lets you know exactly where you can find an item quickly.


Sourcing Services

Christianbook Distributors – They always have amazing bargains, WOW! markdowns, flash sales, and more!
Tuesday Morning – Add a major markdown with already below retail prices and you have a great deal. – Online auctions start as low as $1
Garage Sale Finder – Find a garage sale or yard sale near you! – Be careful when bidding – shipping adds up & also be aware of the condition of items



Outright (Previously Go Daddy Bookkeeping) – $9.95/month.  Does everything for you and renders a Schedule C for tax reporting.  Instantly tells me how much I need to report for state sales tax and how much I need to pay for quarterly estimated taxes.

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