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Quick tips are designed to give some help for eBay sellers!  If you have additional quick tips that can help others, please leave a comment below.  We can help each other.

Store Owners

Opening an eBay store can save you in listing fees, final value fees, and shipping supplies.

To open an eBay store you have to have a credit card on file and a verified PayPal account ahead of time.

Only eBay store owners can put their store on vacation and freeze fees while away enjoying special time.
Putting Store on Vacation

Know your limits.  eBay poses limits on how many items you can sell and what dollar amount you can sell.  They will raise your limits based on your ratings and eBay store level.

Store owners have access to subscriber discounts, such as recordkeeping software, promotion tools, shipping resources, or more.

Having a blog and be connected on social media will help grow your store.
Why Do I Need a Blog to Sell Online

eBay store owners are responsible for filing taxes.

Becoming a Top Rated Plus seller means you get many savings.  A set amount of free listings, shipping coupons 4x a year, and savings on listing fees and final value fees sure come in handy.

You MUST put out a line of items through 7- and 10-day auctions in order to drive buyers to your store, where you can have 30-day and GTC items for buyers to peruse.

To create a “brand” with your store it is a good idea to have a logo made.  There are places that let you develop free logos, but you will have to pay a designer for a uniquely yours logo.

eBay has a Quick Store Tuneup tool that will give you recommendations for making your store successful.

Store owners can run sales and personalize these sales anyway they like.

Newsletters are a great way to keep buyers in touch with your sales and when you add new products.  Make sure you add the newsletter sign up tool to your store.

Keep a good eye on your seller fees because it might be better to upgrade your store subscription to maximize your savings.

Make use of social media to promote your store for free.

Opportunity does not knock, it presents itself when you beat down the door.
~ Kyle Chandler

Basic Setup of an eBay Shop!


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