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Shipping Safely

Shipping quick tips are designed to give some help for eBay sellers!  If you have additional quick tips that can help others, please leave a comment below.  We can help each other.


Take time to ship products properly.  A good seller cares about safe packaging.
How to Ship Properly

Always round up the shipping weight to ensure that your packages will arrive on time (ex. package weighs 3 lbs. 5 oz. > round up to 4 lbs.).

Tracking numbers are meant to protect you and the buyer.

You do not have to upload postage from eBay, but it is easy and efficient.

Top Rated Sellers must have a 95% rating on postage upload and carrier scans.

HP Instant Ink means you will never run out of ink at home.

Always place a business card or flyer in your packages, so buyers can find you again.

Boxes are made from different grades of material.  Make sure your item has the most protection.

Fragile items need bubble wrap and should be placed in the middle of a box with cushion all around it.

Close your box and shake it gently to make sure fragile items are secure before taping it up.

eBay has branded shipping materials with great prices.
eBay Branded Supplies

You can schedule pickups at your home in most locations to make shipping even easier.

Don’t cover up the barcode on a shipping label with tape.

Pack a multi-item order in separate smaller boxes and place into a bigger box to ensure safe delivery to your customer.

Pull bubble wrap tight and secure with tape to keep small items from moving.  For example, a clock has smaller movable pieces and wrapping tightly will prevent these pieces from moving around.



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