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Quick tips are designed to give some help for eBay sellers!  If you have additional quick tips that can help others, please leave a comment below.  We can help each other.


List as many identifiers as you can when creating a listing.  It helps search engines find your items quicker.

You don’t have to use identifiers by choosing, “Does Not Apply” in the appropriate fields.  Not all identifiers will be necessary.

You can end an item listing for a number of reasons.

Offer a variety of prices to entice buyers.

List new & used items to bring in many types of buyers.

New sellers might want to list a few items in the beginning until acclimated with how listing works.

Give your titles and descriptions plenty of keywords, so buyers will find you when searching on eBay and in search engines.

You can save up to 50 listings templates in eBay.

Insertion templates can be saved and managed to make listing easy and productive.

Too much information in your listings can deter potential buyers.  Direct them to your store for this information.

Place seasonal and holiday related items in with your normal inventory for a better chance of sales.
Knowing What Seasonal Items to List on eBay and When

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How to List an Item on eBay!

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