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Hey there!  My name is Denise Oliveri and I am a 40-something year-old woman from Virginia.  I am the mother of 3 grown young men and have been married to my best friend for 23 years.  My husband and I homeschooled our boys all of their school years and that season of my life is over.

Denise Oliveri and Family
This is My Family!

I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur since I can remember.  Back in 2004 I built a fairly large and very successful preschool Sunday School website, which I wound up selling to a well-known children’s crafts website.  I felt lost without my “baby” in my possession anymore, so I started writing articles for an online magazine for a few years.  This too was lucrative until the company sold out and I had nothing to do.  What was next?

I had a pretty successful eBay business for a few years with a niche in Christian items.  I then got seriously into attending estate sales and fell in love with buying vintage items, which evolved into changing directions with my eBay store.  Now I am happily able to buy new and gently used items from anywhere I can find good sales and through estate sales.  So, I wanted to start this blog in order to help new sellers on eBay see that they can start a thriving and profitable business on eBay.  eBay can be a scary place with all of their policies, choices, and designs.  I am trying to break it all down to make eBay seller-friendly.

I would LOVE to have input from other veteran eBayers because knowledge is power!  What works for one seller may be the trick for a new seller and a community of help is great.  There is enough eBay to go around for everyone, so get out there and sell!

If you would like to see my eBay store in action, please click the link on the right sidebar!

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