Make a Living Selling on eBay: Is It Possible?

I have read so many blogs and articles about how to make a living selling on eBay.  Some of these writings are from folks actually doing it.  Some are from publishers just wanting to make a buck by selling their tips to excited individuals hoping to make it happen for them.  A lot of these writers don’t even sell on eBay very much at all.  I am here to give my tried-and-true experience with what it takes to make a living selling on eBay.  Hint…it didn’t happen overnight.

Living to Sell ~ Not Selling to Live

It’s no secret that folks who love what they are doing make a job better.  You look forward to getting up in the morning and heading off to work.  It should be that way, even if your job is at home.  Enjoy buying items for your eBay business.  Look forward to making the most impressive listings you can.  Pack & ship items with care to show your customers that you take pride in what you sell.  And be ready to do this over-and-over again with enthusiasm.

If you make eBay the only option for making a living from the start, it will become a nightmare in no time.  No one likes to be pinned to the mat slowly suffocating from the burden you put on yourself.  That just doesn’t set the tone for success.  Instead, I would recommend building your business at a steady pace while you still have some other income to rely on.  However, don’t be so laid back that you are not motivated because of a slow stream of sales.  Steady is the key word here.

Living on eBay
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Treat eBay Like any Other Business Venture

Making a living selling on eBay should be treated as such.  Therefore, you will need to research the sales tax & business license requirements in your home state.  The information for this can be found at the Small Business Administration website.  It super-important that you follow the correct business guidelines, so that the government isn’t breathing down your neck.

As with any business, eBay requires that you have goals.  This can be how many products you want to sell and how much you want to earn on a monthly or yearly basis.  eBay offers sellers some detailed tools to keep track of your goals.  This information is on the Seller Hub of your My eBay page.  You can customize this page with the information that is most important to you.  Without goals, you may find yourself aimlessly unaware of your progress.

Don’t Get into a Hole

The nuts and bolts of making a living on eBay are items to sell and profit.  If you have a large amount of money to spend on items to sell, yay!  Most of us don’t.  One of the first things that pop into a serious seller’s mind is getting a loan to buy items and get up and running quickly.  This is not a bad idea depending on your goals.  The thing you want to avoid is having too much debt.  You don’t all of your profit just going towards paying down loans and credit cards.  Strive to have your profits available to pay for more items.

A lot of folks like to start out selling household items and use profits to buy more products.  That is how I got started.  I just kept putting profits back into buying more items, as well as shipping materials and business cards and other expenses.  It took me approximately one year (11 months) to meet my product number goal (over 2,100 items in my store) and make a living selling on eBay.  In fact, I just recently quit my full-time job and solely have Online Yard Sale Finds as my business.  I am over the moon to say the least!

Don’t try to keep up with the WayFair, Sears, or other big name box stores that sell on eBay.  They are in a whole other league from us average sellers.  They have different guidelines to follow set out by eBay and they are just too big to compete with in terms of number of items they are selling.  Don’t worry, though.  There is still plenty of room on eBay for you to make a good profit and even a living.  I honestly don’t think eBay will ever be dubbed as saturated based on my dealings.

You Can Do It, If You Do It Right

eBay has been a source of viable income for many folks over the years.  There are naysayers who think it is all lies that anyone can make a living like this.  That is because they probably treated eBay like a hobby and expected instant results.  I don’t know of any business that can grow in this manner.

There are a good handful of sellers that sell on all platforms, like Amazon, Bonanza, Etsy, etc.  That just seems like too much trouble to me when eBay serves my living style just fine.  I am not saying it is foolish to sell on different platforms by any means.  It works great for folks!  I prefer one platform to simplify my income structure.  On one hand, I am selling my brand as an eBay store.  When buyers think of Online Yard Sale Finds, I want them to think of finding me on eBay.  On the other hand, some people want to be recognized by their business name only, which means they can be found on 2 or more selling platforms.  There is no right or wrong way.

Dreams Come True
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The point of this post is that I do make a living selling on eBay.  It has become my sole source of income after almost a year of selling.  So, to those who scarcely think this is possible…it is.  Goals and determination are keys to success.  My recommendations are to get started (nothing happens by just thinking about it) and enjoy the journey (keep motivated).  I encourage you to search my blog posts for detailed information to help make your dream of selling on eBay for a living come true.

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