Refurbish to Make Money on eBay

Is your talent turning trash into treasure; to refurbish?  If so, eBay may be a perfect venue to sell these treasures on.  Making money is the point of selling, so here are a few tips for making sure your items are getting a fair price.  You pour your heart and soul into making lovely treasures and it is only fitting that others see the detail and care that you put into each of your creations.

refurbish furniture
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Buy Low and Sell High to Refurbish

Finding the right used items, such as furniture, is very important.  The goal is to buy items at a low cost.  However, don’t sacrifice condition for price.  If a side table is missing a leg or has a huge crack through the top of the wood, this may not be a good purchase no matter what little it costs.  Of course, if you are a veteran refurbish stylist this is old news to you.

I believe the best places to find items ripe for refurbishing are at estate sales and yard sales.  These places typically have items with good bones.  Places like Goodwill have items that are few and far between; however, on a good day there will be some good items to choose from.

Decorate with Quality Supplies

Now that the perfect piece has been bought, it is time for some fun.  Dressing up and decorating desolate pieces and giving them new life is so gratifying.  I love to watch Flea Market Flip with Lara Spencer.  I get quite a lot of ideas from this TV show.  The one thing that sticks with me from this show is that a refurbished piece will only be as good as the quality of supplies used to bring it back to life.  This includes the wood glue, mod podge, choice of fabrics, right down to the sequins and other small embellishments.

Besides, you want buyers to know that you took great pride in your creation.  Throwing something together to make a quick dollar is not the trait of a true craftsman (woman).

Consider Shipping Costs to Buyers

When choosing pieces to sell on eBay, consider the weight for shipping costs.  If an item is heavy, you have a few options:

  • Charge the exact shipping cost for the buyer to pay.
  • Charge half the shipping cost as a flat rate fee and put the other half into the selling price of the item.
  • Offer free shipping and put the total price of shipping into the price of the item.
  • Allow only the option to pick up the item locally.

Pricing a Refurbished Item

There are some factors to consider when pricing a refurbished item.  Of course, you have to consider the price paid for the item and the supplies it took finish the piece.  Then there is the price for labor, which is optional.  Lastly, how much profit do you wish to make on the refurbished (and totally beautiful) piece?  You have to research like items that you find on eBay to stay competitive.  Price greatly depends on the platform you are using to sell it.

I know it can be difficult to find a comparative item when selling a truly unique item, but there are always similar items that come close.  If your listing can greatly detail why your item is worth the selling price, chances are you will have good success.

Refurbishing is a great stress reliever for some and/or a true art for others.  Some can’t bear to part with their creative treasures understandably.  Others live to create and sell their items for others to enjoy.  If you are one of the latter, eBay makes a great venue for making money.



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