Charity Starts with eBay: Donations Accepted

eBay offers four ways for buyers and sellers to donate to charity.  The program has been up and running since 1995.  It grosses millions of dollars each year.  There are tens of thousands of organizations.  There is basically a charity for any cause that buyers and sellers can participate in.  Start with eBay and reach here in America and around the world.  Outlined below are the ways you can start making a difference today.

Charity on eBay
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Buyers Donations

For a buyer to donate to a favorite charity, eBay offers a link to all of the sellers offering a percentage of sales to a designated charity.  Simply look for the blue & yellow ribbon by an item’s listing; thereby, this seller will donate a percentage of sales.  Are you worried about not finding quality items that will help support your favorite charity?  No worries…there are nearly 1,800,000 items in just about every eBay category, so finding one of your favorites is easy.

The checkout process is the same for the buyer as usual.  All of the donations are handled through a seller’s account and automatically applied to the charity account.  The buyer doesn’t have to do anything extra.  Keep in mind that the seller designates the donation percentage and not the buyer.  If you want to have control over how much to donate there is a tool for this outlined below.

Sellers Donations

Donating a percentage of sales to a favorite charity is seamless for an eBay seller.  Choose the organization that you want to support and the percentage of sales that will be donated when listing a new item.  Every time a buyer makes a purchase to eligible items, the designated percentage will automatically be applied to the organization’s account.  If an item does not sell, it can be automatically relisted with the charity donation still attached.

Percentage amounts can range all the way from 10% to 100% of sales at the seller’s sole discretion.  Wondering what charities there are to pick from?  Here is just a small sample:

  • American Red Cross
  • Feeding America
  • The Humane Society of the United States
  • Ark of Hope for Children, Inc.
  • Jefferson Outreach for Older Persons
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Wounded Warrior Project
  • and Many More!


On the other hand, sellers have commented across the board that charity designation has not really helped boost sales.  This is probably because something the seller has a passion for may not be the same for the buyer.  When listing items with the intent to donate a portion to a charity, it should be something the seller stands for and just be thankful for any donations they are able to contribute.

Direct Charity Donations

Some folks just want to donate directly to an organization without making a purchase.  Well, eBay makes that easy, too!  Find the charity you want to donate to by clicking here.  The transaction takes place through PayPal.  On this same page individuals can see the number of eBay items that are up for sale that will support the designated organization.  It’s a pretty cool tool.

Charity Fundraisers

An organization can run fundraisers on eBay.  eBay allows these organizations to sell items without charging any selling fees.   There are an array of tools and options for charity organizations to make the most of their eBay experience.  However, there is a sign up process that gives the charity a dashboard.  Some of the benefits for an organization include:

  • Dedicated eBay store
  • Exclusive advertisement packages
  • Seasonal Marketing Campaigns
  • And more!


In conclusion, charity starts on eBay!  It is a comforting aspect to know that eBay supports those in need.  The symbolic blue & yellow ribbon identifying items that will support an organization is easy to spot making it a pleasant transaction for buyers.  Everyone wins when a charity gains support; as such, consider shopping to support your favorite cause today!

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