VBS and eBay Work Ethics Go Hand-in-Hand

My husband and I just finished a week-long Vacation Bible School (VBS) at our church.  It was a ton of fun with upwards of 60 to 70 elementary-aged children passing through our Bible lesson each night.  It got me thinking this morning how to relate VBS to eBay work ethics; in other words, how they go hand-in-hand.  Oh…you will be surprised just how much they are alike.

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Preparing a VBS Lesson Plan

Preparation for teaching 60 to 70 active young children takes planning.  The kids don’t just excitedly show up each night wanting a boring performance by 2 older adults, especially for what is advertised as a fun week.  There is much preparation that goes into making this week memorable.  My husband and I had to get in our classroom early each day and decorate for each theme that we taught.  That involved taking down the prior night’s theme and putting up a new one.  It was labor-intensive, but when the looks on the kids’ faces was nothing less than excited, it was all worth it.

Preparing an eBay Store

Likewise, an eBay store should show the owner’s pride in their business.  Potential buyers will come and see what is offered in the store and it should be memorable.  Sure, it takes work to get the store setup just right, no matter, having a thriving business takes dedication and a strong work ethic.  While creating a brand for an eBay store, it should be evident that the owner is actively updating the store and taking an interest in how it is managed.

Quality VBS Themes Each Night

My husband and I started off with great enthusiasm to create a room that the children would love.  It got us completely enthralled in making the experience alive.  We dressed up in period clothes and literally turned the Bible lesson into a theatrical drama.  We got the kids involved in the lesson, so they felt a part of the success of the night.  The next evening had to be just as exciting because we were there to make it enjoyable for the kids.  VBS is all about creating a fun and memorable for the kids.  It was’t about me and my husband at all.

By day 4 of taking down the prior evening decorations and setting up a totally different theme should have been drudgery for 2 worn out adults, however, it wasn’t.  As mentioned above, it wasn’t about us.  On contrary, it was about getting the kids excited about God’s Word.  This mentality honestly got us through each evening.  Believe it or not, the last night of VBS was our biggest and most elaborate design theme and theatrical performance.

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Quality eBay Merchandise

Keeping the momentum building with an eBay store includes consistently offering quality merchandise.  It might get to the point where you just want a lot of products in the store and you want them NOW.  This could lead to buying not-so-quality merchandise that is cheap.  While it looks like the store is full of merchandise, it will soon become apparent that buyers shy away from purchasing any items.

Remember quality over quantity.  Don’t give in to the fact that your inventory is not building up quickly and it leaves you feeling unmotivated.  Work ethic means doing the right thing for your buyers.  As long as an eBay store has quality merchandise and shows activity on the owner’s part to add new inventory, your store will be on the road to success.

VBS Bumps in the Road

When I say bumps in the road, I am talking about literal bumps.  One evening I pushed a chair into the corner of a table and bruised one of my fingernails.  It still hurts today.  At one point I dropped a piece of equipment on my foot…still bruised today.  This didn’t stop me from continuing on.  Things are going to happen; however, they shouldn’t stand in the way of the big picture.

eBay Store Owner Mishaps

Running an eBay business will present the owner with a few mishaps.  Perhaps you accidentally list a bunch of items in the wrong store category.  Fix it!  Maybe you put the wrong shoe size in a listing.  Fix it!  If you are a store owner who has never run into a snag, I would love to meet with you and pick your brain.  The important thing is to not let a setback keep you down.  Move on and keep working.

Recharging After a Week of VBS

Now that VBS is over, I can look back and recount all the fun times I had during the week.  I met so many kids that made me smile.  I think of the other workers who I laughed with.  Most importantly, I look at my hard working husband and remember the joy I felt working side-by-side with him in a common endeavor.  Now I can take a breather and get back to my daily routine with pride in knowing that VBS Bible lessons were a huge success.

Stepping Back from eBay

There is a lot of truth in the fact that stepping back from business management is necessary.  Clearing of the mind gives one the ability to see things in a fresh light.  Constantly being on your computer and just staring at your eBay store for hours can cloud your thoughts.  Part of having a solid work ethic is knowing when to step back for a while, and getting back to work with a renewed thought process.  It works wonders!

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Well, I can’t be sitting here writing all day.  I have housework to catch up on after a week of VBS…and…managing an eBay business at the same time!  I think it’s time to go outside and kick up some dirt with my dog.  Do watch for new products being added to Online Yard Sale Finds later today!  Remember a good eBay work ethic is composed of many moving pieces and success is right around the corner.



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