Mompreneur – An eBay Business from Home

The term “mompreneur” has quickly taken flight in the online business world.  A mom who aspires to run her own successful business from home is tagged mompreneur.  I should know…I am one!  If we can clean house, cook dinner, and help the kiddos with homework, we certainly can run a business!  Here are reasons why running an eBay business from home makes sense for a mompreneur.

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Low Start Up Cost

It doesn’t take much money for a mompreneur to start an eBay business.  Start slow by selling items around the house.  Get to know how eBay works before buying inventory.  If you find selling on eBay is something you can see doing long-term, then take the next step.  If you decide that eBay is not for you, then you have not lost a good deal of money.

Starting a new account on eBay is free.  Start up costs will include listing fees, which are a minimal investment.   The listing fees should be covered by the items sold.  The good news is that most folks have a profit right out of the gate.

Mompreneur – Control Inventory

A big plus to having an eBay business is having total control over inventory.  A mompreneur can have a small business with a few items or a large business.  You can decide if you want to have in-house inventory or use a dropshipping company.  Plus, you control where your inventory comes from.  It is a good feeling to be in total charge of the company!

Mompreneur – Sell What You Love

eBay sellers range from selling homemade crafts, in-demand retail products, vintage items, and much more.  With millions of eyes searching on eBay every day, one can imagine that almost anything will sell.  Selling what you love makes having the business fun and keeps you motivated day in and day out.  If you want to change things up a bit with inventory…you can do that, too!

Mompreneur – Make Shipping Easy

Scheduling package pickup at home is all the rage these days.  The local post office, UPS, and Fed-Ex are catering to this service with more and more features.  It makes shipping a breeze.  Printing labels at home is also a huge time-saver.  I have lots of resources on where to purchase shipping supplies on eBay for great prices.  It is no secret that shipping costs are huge, so any savings is a welcome for us mompreneur folks.

I am very sad at how many blogs and articles put eBay down as a business option.  Some believe that eBay is weighted on the side of buyers and sellers are not important to the company.  I have NEVER experienced such an allegation.  In fact, I have had a few cases resolved in my favor.  I can’t help but wonder if these blogs are written by actual eBay members or not.

Wanna-be mompreneur moms are popping up everywhere.  To be home with the kids and have a successful business is within reach.  eBay makes it easy to test out the selling platform to see if it is right for you.  You won’t know until you try!

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