Summer Sales Slow? How to Stay Motivated

Are your summer sales slow?  Trust me, you are not alone.  Schools are letting out, community pools are opening up, and families are heading off for vacation.  The beginning of summer brings lots of outdoor activities that even eBay can’t compete with.  Here are some tips for how to stay motivated during the dreaded summer slow down.

Keep Listing More Items

I have read over and over again that even though summer sales are low sellers should be keep listing items.  Pondering this advice, I believe this is a true and untrue statement.  How are you going to keep listing when profits are down?  Consider only adding 2 to 5 items a week versus the usual amount of items.  Do this just while sales are low and then beef it up after the wave is over.  Be mindful that it is not the items you are selling that is the problem.  It is slow across the board.

Not alone

Hold a Summer Clearance Sale

This is the perfect time to hold a summer clearance sale.  Clean up your inventory and decide what needs to go.  Put it on sale using the eBay Markdown Manager.  Shoppers can’t refuse a great deal any time of year.  Make the sale big enough to really pique buyers’ interest.  Buyers tend to get excited about 30% or more off items.  Also consider offering free shipping when a customer purchases multiple items.  You can set up this discount from the “Site Preferences” page of My eBay.

Stop Procrastinating

Is inventory organized?  Being able to find items quickly is a huge time-saver.  Can customers find you on Facebook or other social media?  Signing up is free and easy.  It makes the perfect avenue for marketing your eBay business.  Is tax software in use to keep your business in tip-top shape?  If not, this is a good time to purchase a program.  eBay endorses Outright Bookkeeping (formerly Go Daddy).  There are other online tax programs as well.  It will be a load off your shoulders to have business affairs in order.

Do not procrastinate

Enjoy the Summer Like Everyone Else

Instead of worrying about your sales, go enjoy the summer.  It will not do any good to check the computer 100 times a day and get stressed out.  Instead, get outside in the sunshine and have fun.  By all means, do not ignore your business.  Daily maintenance and checking on sales and customer messages is still very important.  Just take your mind off your business for a while.

Enjoy Summer
jill111 / Pixabay

Summer sales slow downs hit many eBay businesses.  Keeping motivated is a must to get through these times.  If you are used to a steady stream of sales, rest assure they will come back.  In keeping with the summer season it will do good to remember:

There will be brighter days!


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