10 Ways to Get Repeat Customers on eBay

eBay store owners have a unique dilemma when it comes to getting repeat customers.  The average customer has 1 item in their cart when checking out.  The odds of said customer coming back to your eBay store for another purchase is quite low.  Repeat customers are a sign that you have in-demand items.  These folks are also more likely to tell friends & family about your store.  Here are 10 ways to get repeat customers on eBay.

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1) Offer above-average customer service.  A buyers experience should be top rate from start to finish.  Answering questions promptly, shipping quickly, and showing appreciation are awesome ways to give customers excellent customer service.

2) Run and promote store sales often.  Let’s say you have women’s clothing on sale for a week and it does well.  Perhaps try another sale in a different category of your store to pique buyers interest.  Make sure you promote the sale on social media channels to get the word out.

3) Communicate with customers through e-mails.  A customer has the opportunity to sign up for a store newsletter when visiting your store or seeing it in your listings.  Send out word of sales and promotions to keep your buyers up to date.

4) Add new items to your eBay store consistently.  Your followers, as well as new buyers, may be waiting to see what new items you have for purchase.  Nothing will keep a first-time customer away from your store than not having new products.

5) Use promotions in your eBay store.  An example of a promotion might be to offer free shipping when a customer buys 3 or more items from you.  Another example of a promotion could be to give a buyer 30% off their entire purchase of 2 or more items.  Read more about eBay’s Promotion Manager topic.

6) Give buyers “suggested products” from your store based on their recent purchase.  Give it thought and include thumbnails of the products.  Place this in every package you ship, albeit takes a little time to make these suggestions; on the other hand, if it means more sales from repeat customers, it is well worth it.

7) Get to know your customers on a more personal basis.  If someone sends in a question about a particular product, make your answer sound like you are “talking” to them.  The tone of your response will resonate with the buyer and make them feel comfortable coming back to you.  Rigid and short answers may turn a potential customer away without buying any items from you at all.

8) Don’t mess with your branding.  When a customer gets to know you because of a logo or tagline you have for your eBay store, it is dangerous to change that branding too much.  It can make customers feel uncomfortable.  However, if you are itching to redesign your store consider changing the color scheme, but not your logo/tagline.

9) Avoid nagging a new customer.  No one likes to feel bombarded with flyers and e-mails and as such, a repeat customer might not revisit your store for a little while.  If you push them to the level of being annoying, they won’t visit your store again EVER.  Therefore, spread out your e-mail campaigns to only once or twice a month and make those e-mails meaningful and not spam-appearing.

10) Stay on top of what your competitors are doing.  There is no question that competition is fierce on eBay.  Knowing how to get the upper hand is necessary.  Stand out from competition by doing something different to keep buyers coming back to you, such as hand written thank you notes or placing a freebie in each package you ship out.

Most customers still have a sense that eBay is one big marketplace, which in essence it is, and not made up of individual merchants.  As a result, attracting repeat customers is hard.  It takes tons of diligence to make a buyer visit your store again.  Any buyer is a valued buyer.  A repeat customer is the lifeline of a growing eBay business.  Give some of these ways to get repeat customers on eBay a try NOW!

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