eBay Business: Becoming a Yard Sale Junkie

Yard sales can help jump-start an eBay business.  Folks in some states enjoy warmer weather all year round and yard sales are abundant on a steady stream.  If you live in a state that has well-defined 4 seasons a year, you have a window of time to take advantage of yard sales.  With the yard sale season booming right now, junkies are hitting the deals now.  If you have thought of starting an eBay business, this is your season to find deals and get the ball rolling.

How a Yard Sale Fits Into an eBay Business

Many sellers depend on yard sales to find merchandise to sell on eBay.  After all, the way to a profitable business is to buy low and sell high.  Yard sales make a great way to stock a store quickly because of the unusually low prices.  They also offer the unique opportunity to find rare items that can potentially bring a high priced sale.  In time and with experience, you will become very good at knowing what will sell in your eBay store.

U.S. Yard Sales for eBay Business
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Keep in mind that it will take some hustle during the limited months of yard sales to build up your eBay store inventory.  It means getting up at the crack of dawn to find the best deals.  It also means being on your feet for hours, so a good pair of sneakers is recommended.  It will also help a lot to map out a yard sale route for time management and efficiency.  Google Earth or Map Quest have awesome technology to pin your route and place the addresses in your GPS.

What to Look For at a Yard Sale

Look for used items that are in excellent condition…something that you would be okay having in your home or office.  You want your eBay business to be a reflection of you and the products you buy are extremely important.  If you see an item that looks vintage and you can verify that, a flaw or 2 can be very acceptable.  It helps to be able to look up an item on your phone to see what the value is before you buy it.

If an item has been sitting around someone’s house for a while, it will collect dust.  You have to be able to look past a small flaw and decide if you can just breathe new life into it.  For instance, a picture frame may have cobwebs on it and if cleaned up, it can look just like new.  Just consider this step as a part of the adventure in going to yard sales.  You are kind of a detective!

Look for anything new in its original packaging.  It is unbelievable how many new items I have gotten for a very small price with the ability to mark it up and still offer it at a below-retail price.  Keep in mind that just because an item is brand new doesn’t necessarily mean it is worth you picking it up.  There will be hit and miss buys, but experience will become your friend on this front.

Don’t be afraid to haggle over a price! 

What to Avoid at a Yard Sale

There will be times when you see a high-demand item but find that it has a flaw too big to be ignored.  Let it go!  A brand name is only as good as its condition.  If an item like a clock looks in perfect condition, beware that it might be deceiving you.  Bring batteries with you to test it out before you buy.

Avoid electronics, especially used ones.  Chances are you will not be able to test the items and have know way of knowing if it is missing pieces.  Estate sales are a better venue for electronic purchases.  Also avoid car seats.  You do not want to be responsible for selling a car seat that has missing parts.  Car seats that have been in an accident should not be resold as well.  Use your best judgment when looking through items and trust your instincts.

How to Find Yard Sales in Your Area

There are a number of websites that list area yard sales around the U.S.  Popular ones include:

Yard Sale Search

Garage Sales Tracker

Yard Sales. Net

Chances are you will have a yard sale site in your area on Facebook.

The title of “yard sale junkie” is an honor when you sell thrift items on eBay.  It is your badge.  Remember that the months of May, June, July, and August are your season to start an eBay business.

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