What is the eBay Valet Program?

There is a service offered by eBay that many eBay sellers don’t even think about.  It is a service that magically takes your items from you to write up an awesome description, safely package, and ship your items for you.  Okay…so it’s not magic, but the service does exist.  What is the eBay Valet program and is it something that can be beneficial for your business?

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What is the Valet program?

The eBay Valet Program was started in place of the former program called Trading Assistant.  The seller ships out the items they want to sell directly to eBay with a prepaid shipping label or can drop off items at any eBay drop-off center who takes care of the details (more about that in a minute).  Shipping to eBay is free.

Items shipped to eBay:  eBay mails your items to an experienced seller who is put to task to list your items, as well as pack and ship them when they sell.  You get paid by the valet within 2 business days once an item is sold.  Payment is sent to you via PayPal.

Items shipped by a drop-off center:  These folks will take your unpacked items and pack them up for you.  They then ship your items to eBay and the process of finding a suitable valet begins.   Click here to find a drop-off center near you.

How do I know a valet can handle my business?

eBay screens individuals and companies who apply to become a valet.  A valet must be capable of listing up to 100,000 each month, have a sufficient place to store and manage items for at least 21 days, know eBay categories and subcategories very well, and consistently prove high standards when working with eBay buyers.  There are other factors that eBay takes into consideration before assigning a company or individual as a valet.

Valets are considered professionals who can make stellar listings to get your items sold fast!

What items will a valet accept?

A valet is just as interested in making a profit as you.  Therefore, only high-quality items can be sent in.  High-quality consists of designer shoes & clothing, in-demand electronics that are known to be in working condition, and highly sought after antiques & collectibles, plus more.  If these items are new that is a huge plus.  If sending in pre-owned items, they must be in excellent or “like-new” condition.  It is in your best interest to submit high-quality items because the higher the item’s price, the more money you and the valet will make.

The valet will make sure your item price is listed in a position to make the most profit possible.  If your item does not sell within 60 days, the valet will reduce the price.  Once an item is listed a valet cannot make any changes to it.  You can contact the valet and ask to have the listing cancelled and at that point your item will be returned to you.

There is actually quite a big list of items that a valet cannot accept.  That list can be found here.

How much money can I earn?

Earnings are based on the item price.  The higher priced items make more money than lower priced items.  For instance, if you sell a $1,200 baby piano, you will earn an 80% commission on the sale and the other 20% is for the valet.  If you sell a $55 designer pair of shoes, you will earn a 50% commission and the valet gets the other 50%.  In a nutshell, the seller will earn anywhere from 25% to 80% commission.  There is no limit to how many items you can send to eBay to be entered into the Valet program.

Pros & Cons of the eBay Valet Program

Takes hassle out of listing items on eBayMakes your profit smaller due to splitting it with valet
Shipping items to eBay is freeYou do not have control over item price
You do not deal with customer complaintsA listing cannot be changed once published
You do not have to purchase equipment to run an eBay businessValet can decline selling items they deem unacceptable

It is easy to see how this type of service can be beneficial to high-volume sellers that do not want to learn the ins and outs of selling on eBay.  It is easy to give it all over to a knowledgeable and professional eBay seller.  Of course, you lose some control over your eBay business, which some sellers do not feel comfortable with.  Now that you know what the eBay Valet program is you can decide if it is right for you.

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