Month: May 2017

Why Buy it Now and Make an Offer Listings on eBay are More Successful

eBay sellers are always researching how to better list items to gain more sales.  The two listing choices are to list items as an Auction or Buy It Now.  With an Auction it works much like an actual auction you can attend in person.  With a Buy It Now listing you set a fixed price …


Top 6 Items to Sell on eBay with Free Shipping

eBay buyers are savvy shoppers for sure.  They come to eBay expecting great deals and I can almost certainly guarantee that free shipping is something that sways their buying decision.  Offering free shipping is a constant topic for sellers who want to weigh the pros and cons of this service.  Some sellers state that they …

Creative with Inventory Space in the Home

If you run your eBay business out of your home it is probable that you have a dedicated inventory space in your home.  If you are building up inventory it is highly likely that your dedicated space is feeling crowded.  I currently have over 1,700 items listed on eBay and every, single piece of inventory …