Setting Up a Facebook Business Page for eBay

If you have done any type of research on how to promote your eBay store to the world, you have come across blogs and articles that tell you to have a Facebook business page.  Well…I hate to be the bearer of this news…but they are absolutely right!  It used to be that you could open an eBay store, list items, and have traffic come to your store without much other marketing necessary.  You can still do that today and have a measure of success.  But, in today’s world of technology and the booming Internet traffic it is pretty necessary to have a Facebook business page to gain an even greater mass of potential buyers to your store.  Here is how setting up Facebook marketing for your eBay business works.

Facebook Business Page
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Get Your Free Account

Sign Up on Facebook with a free account.  If you are already a Facebook member you can set up your business page that links to your personal page.  From your Home page on the left you will see a header that says “Create” and under that header click on “Page.”  This will guide you in what type of page you want to create.   If you do not have a Facebook page yet, you can skip the personal account and just sign up for your business page.  It is all free any route you go.

Now for the fun part!  Upload your eBay store banner as the cover for your Facebook business page.  You want to keep your eBay store and Facebook page consistent.  This is you building a brand that followers will look for.  If you put up different pictures between the two sites, it can be confusing.  Also upload your eBay store logo as your Facebook logo.  (Of course, I am going to show you my Facebook business page as an example, click here.)

Facebook is constantly upgrading their business page elements, so it is impossible to tell you exactly what to click.  It is a great thing that Facebook is doing, but just too much to put in a blog that will only be outdated as soon as it is published.  This is your free time to get on your Facebook business page and play around with the options.  Click around for a while.  I can get totally lost in all the options and elements that Facebook offers businesses, so be careful…it becomes a bit time-consuming.  So, these are the main elements of your page that will not change over time.

Moving Along

Fill in the appropriate data for your eBay store, such as your contact information, including a link to your eBay store.  It is also important to at least put down your city and state, so local folks will know about you and can get in contact with you on a more personal level.

Be sure to activate the “Shop Now” button at the top of your page.  This will be the place to direct potential buyers directly to your eBay store and see all of your listings.

Decide what tabs you want on the left side of your page.  If you have other social media accounts you will be able to link to those (Twitter, Pinterest, Linked-In, etc.).  There is a “Video” tab so you can add some live content to your Facebook business page.  Create your own video or save a YouTube video to your computer hard drive and upload that.  There is also a “Photos” tab where you can upload pictures of your products (kind of like a “Featured Item” vibe).  But, below I have an easy-peasy way getting product photos listed.

Click Here

Add Your eBay Listings

The most important button to have on that left side (as you will see on my business page) is a link to your eBay store.  I have found to be the easiest and best way to get my entire store on Facebook with workable links that buyers can use to purchase items directly from Facebook.  It is a free software program that links Facebook to eBay.  You can, of course, upgrade to an eSoftie account for $5/month that has no ads, but if that doesn’t really bother you, use the free account.  I know some eBayers use Auction Nudge and there are other apps out there with the same functions.  Find the one that works for you!

Start Your First Facebook Post

Begin posting to your Facebook business page.  Try to have at least 2-3 posts per day, so when people find you they will see that you are active and keeping up with your page.  Posts do not always have to be about your eBay business directly.  You can gain potential buyers interest with tips about products you sell.  For instance, I sell vintage items from estate sales, so I might post about how to find estate sales anywhere around the country.  Or, I might put up a post about how to clean a silver trivet to bring back its luster and mention that I have trivets on sale in my eBay store with a link to these items.

Advertise to the Masses

Getting featured product photos with links directly to these products is so easy with Smart SocialThis app allows you to control what social media sites will show up to 3 products a day with direct links to those items in your eBay store.  It does it automatically, so you don’t have to do anything!  This is much easier than doing this yourself and frees up more time to list more items and get more sales!

Other ways to advertise include:

  1. Let your friends on Facebook know about your new business page and ask that they share it with their friends and so on.
  2. Gather more views of your page by liking other pages on Facebook.  It is a viral funnel of potential buyers who see you on a page they also liked.  With some amount of curiosity they will click on your profile to see what you are all about.
  3. Put a link to your eBay store and Facebook business page as a signature line in emails.  Put a link to your business page in your “About Me” page on eBay.
  4. Participate in relevant discussion boards on various websites you visit with a link to your eBay store and Facebook page in your signature line.  Do be sensitive to only participate in discussions that are meaningful to you.  People can tell those who are only there to promote their business from those who are genuinely attached to the discussion at hand.
  5. Create business cards that you can physically hand out to people with all of your pertinent links on it.

Don’t Expect Immediate Results

Even in a world where we want everything right now and with how advanced the Internet has become, it still doesn’t mean you will get million of eyes on your Facebook business page right away.  It takes time…a lot of time…and effort to get there.  The single most important thing you MUST DO to get things booming is to post consistently.  Of course, it helps tremendously to keep adding new products to your eBay store, so repeat viewers on your page will see that you are actively involved with your eBay store.

Setting up a Facebook business page for your eBay business is essential to getting more potential buyers.  I found it extremely fun to do as well.  The page is your canvas and you can create the look and feel that you like.  I am sure I did not cover everything here, so if you have any comments to share that will help new eBay businesses get off on the right foot, please share!

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