Month: February 2017

eBay Partner Network Affiliate Program

You are making a decent profit on eBay, which is awesome.  Do you want to make additional money with eBay that is on autopilot?  Of course!  Here are ways to capitalize on the eBay Partner Network (EPN) affiliate program.  Every eBay store owner can sign up for this program.  It’s fast and free! What is …


Things That are Detrimental to Your eBay Listings

Listing is the bread and butter of your eBay business.  Of course you want an eye-catching listing that makes potential buyers interested in what you are selling, as well as anxious to see more of your items.  It is important to not only make an interesting description of your items, but to give viewers a sense …

Setting Up a Facebook Business Page for eBay

If you have done any type of research on how to promote your eBay store to the world, you have come across blogs and articles that tell you to have a Facebook business page.  Well…I hate to be the bearer of this news…but they are absolutely right!  It used to be that you could open …