Making Homemade Products to Sell On eBay

With sites like Etsy popping up and being well established you may be wondering if you can sell your homemade items on eBay anymore.  Etsy is known for being a site where people sell their homemade items while eBay is more known as a reseller site.  But, you would be surprised how many folks are looking for homemade items on eBay.

Sell Homemade Items on eBay Today!

I love crafts.   I love making crafts so much so that my house is overcome by homemade items, as well as eBay inventory.  I decided to do a test market of how well my homemade cards, painted items, etc. would sell on eBay and they pretty much sell right away (within a week or 2).  What could be better than doing something you love and making money from it.

I firmly believe that if eBay sellers stick to their guns and charge a fair price for items and not give into the “yard sale” mentality by selling items at a price that you barely make a profit, you will find that the masses will buy your items.  Plus, there are plenty of buyers looking for unique and original items, which makes eBay the perfect platform for homemade items.

Remember to consider shipping costs when pricing your homemade items!

Now what homemade items are selling like hotcakes on eBay?  There are a few categories that seem to do better than others.  Jewelry is a hot category.  Of course, it has to look professional and be made with quality materials if you want great feedback and repeat customers.  Cheap jewelry won’t get you many sales.

Another hot category seems to be seasonal items like wreaths, table runners, candle holders, and other items for each season and/or holiday.  In fact, knitting, cross-stitch, and crocheted items seem to be in high demand for the major holidays.  You will need to research eBay listings to see what is getting the most bids.  You will also need to plan way ahead of time to have your homemade items ready to be listed within the appropriate time frame for each holiday (usually about two months ahead of time right up to a week before the holiday).  And, make sure your listing states the handling time you need to ebay-logoget your items out, especially if you don’t have an inventory ready ahead of time.

In order to make room for all my eBay “stuff” I will place my crafts around the house just like any other decoration until it sells.  That way it becomes part of my home decor and has a safe place until it sells.  This really helps with clutter and puts my items on display for friends & family to admire for a short time.

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