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Online Yard Sale Finds welcomes you!  My name is Denise and I am an estate sale and yard sale addict & online junkie.  It can be running around neighborhoods at 7 a.m. or combing through countless websites to find the best clearance items on the planet!  I also highly enjoy those quaint consignment shops from time-to-time.  I will go just about anywhere if the price is right.  The problem became what to do with all the treasures I was accumulating.  Selling online with eBay was the answer!

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I started listing a few items to see what would happen.  I sold everything!  This propelled me starting an eBay business and taking it seriously.  The casual online seller can make a profit for a limited time and that is great, but I wanted to keep buying products to sell, so was born Online Yard Sale Finds!  Now my eBay store is very successful thanks to lots of research and trial-and-error with what works and what doesn’t to attract buyers.  There is more to having an actual business than being a casual seller, so I wanted to share some of this information for folks just starting out with eBay.  I also hope to get some good tips from veteran sellers.

Sometimes fishing through eBay’s community pages and guides can be confusing.  I hope to make some of this information available here and let you know what I have personally found to be useful in building my own online business.

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Occasionally I like to make my own items to sell on eBay. This is a Birthday Cake made from paper mache boxes!

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